Protest against Agricultural producer


There were demonstrations against American multinational Monsanto on Saturday 25 May at four locations in the Netherlands . The company makes products for agriculture, such as genetically modified seeds and pesticides.

Their best known product is weed killer Roundup, which is based on Agent Orange, the defoliant used in the Vietnam war. Agent Orange itself was also a Monsanto product. In addition, the company also makes seeds that are resistant to Roundup.

Agricultural poison

The campaigners believe that Monsanto is endangering the food chain. For example, the apiary would be endangered by the use of Monsanto’s agricultural poison.

The demonstration also focused on the patent right on seeds. This means that growers are not allowed to use the seeds that a plant produces for the next harvest. Farmers who do, drag Monsanto to court. The patent right of seeds is currently under discussion in Brussels.

Most demonstrators , around 1500, came to Wageningen. There were about 1000 demonstrators on Dam Square in Amsterdam, about 100 in Bergschenhoek and sixty people in The Hague, according to the organization.

Organic food
The Party for the Animals participated in the ‘March Against Monsanto’ in The Hague. According to the party, Monsanto is “a symbol of agriculture that destroys our world.”
There were demonstrations against the multinational yesterday in hundreds of cities in dozens of other countries.

According to Monsanto’s chief executive, the demonstrators were people who can afford to buy organic food. According to him, they are blind to the worldwide growing need for affordable food.


source: NOS

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